Our Products

Hand-crafted and rigorously tested, the non-valved conduit product line from BioIntegral Surgical aims to save many hours in the operating room, provide surgeons with a familiar material they trust, as well as borrow from decades of demonstrated results in cardiac surgery indistinguishable from homograft performance.


Decades of cardiac experience of replacement of the great vessels. BioIntegral's legacy cardiac devices include valved aortic conduits, non-valved conduits for aortic reconstruction, and pulmonary conduits for pediatrics. These devices have been in the market for decades, and have a long history free of dilatation and calcification, and low rates of reinfection.


Vascular devices developed with the vascular surgeon. From this long experience in higher-risk devices, we aimed to bring the best design features to vascular surgery, while enhancing vessel strength in more abusive environments such as the abdomen. 


This all-bovine pericardial bifurcated aortoiliac graft comes in various sizes and lengths.  This is the the only premade biological bifurcation of its kind.  With over 5+ years of experience in many centers, the graft has demonstrated durability, patency and low reinfection rates.  Discover the joy of being able to avoid vein harvesting and composite graft mounting in your operating room, saving the team and patient many hours under the lamps, without compromising the benefits of an all-biological graft.

Made from detoxified bovine pericardia and infection-resistant sutures.


The BioIntegral Surgical vascular line aims to:

  • Bring the advantages of pre-made tissue grafts to vascular from decades in cardiac surgery 

  • Save the surgeon and their team hours in the operating room and reduce operating time

  • Avoid the many compromises of other vessel tissue sources

  • Leverage the already existing experience with and acceptance of bovine tissue

  • Drive the science of using biological tissue in higher-risk patients with a homogeneous set of tissue solutions, moving away from custom devices made from patient tissues or homografts


This peripheral graft is the most versatile of our vascular product line.  It is the only premade biological graft of its kind made of pericardium.  Minimizing the use of synthetics to minimize infection, bleeding/thrombosis and provide you with a supple, easy to handle material.  With over 5+ years of experience in many centers, the graft has demonstrated durability, patency and low reinfection rates in a number of clinical contexts, from bypasses to infected graft replacement to cancer resection to organ transplant graft extensions and more.  


For the vascular surgeon looking for a pre-made graft made from specially treated pericardia designed to last, contact your local representative or email us at info@biointegral-surgical.com